Bespoke payroll service

We provide a payroll service that is bespoke to your specific needs.  For some clients this will involve the computation of gross to net salary figures, the administration of payments to employees and the payments to HM Revenue & Customs. 

We can administer these payments through our client account such that each month a single sum is transferred to your client account and we administer everything thereafter.  This has the particular advantage of protecting the anonymity of the onward payments.

For all our payroll clients we can provide security payslips.

As your payroll agent we will complete and submit to you for approval all end of year returns including forms P14, P35 and, where requested, forms P11D.  With your permission we will file all of these forms with HM Revenue & Customs through a secure internet gateway to ensure that they are not mislaid and also to obtain any online filing discounts that you may be entitled to.

Compliance Visits

In addition to all of the above compliance services, as your agent we will assist you by attending compliance visits from HM Revenue & Customs and advise you in respect of correspondence forwarded to you by HM Revenue & Customs in relation to your payroll affairs.

How do I access this service?

For more information about our payroll services, please call 020 7306 9100 or use the contact form.