Our approach

We regularly undertake work in relation to the valuations of companies and businesses of both potential transactions and HM Revenue & Customs reporting services.

Our approach is to understand the valued business, its current and prospective performance, to undertake detailed target due diligence and report in a tailored fashion.

Working with our Clients

Often clients want to be integrally involved in the due diligence process and undertake many aspects of the non-financial enquiries themselves. We embrace this and consider an integrated, tailored due diligence provides the most appropriate due diligence in a cost effective manner and also the greatest understanding of the target business.

Recent valuation work

Recent valuation work has included EMI valuations, Inheritance Tax valuations and business combination valuations (acquisitions and disposals). We are also regularly asked to comment upon investment instrument valuations within complex capital structures.

How do I access this service?

For more information about these services, please call 020 7306 9100 or use the contact form.